Thankful for Peace/planning my garden…already.

Hello, girls!!

I am going to try and make this post as short as possible with getting out all I need to say; I guess we’ll see how I do! 😉



This week, I was reminded about the undying, satisfying peace of God. It is really neat the way sometimes, in certain situations, or really all the time if we allow it into our hearts, the way His peace flows through us and gives us joy.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be around a bunch of believers, singing around a campfire. Boring, right? Except we weren’t there to roast marshmallows, we were there to worship God, and it is by far my favorite event of the year (remind me sometime to take the time to explain this event…), because it always gives me such wondrous peace… a peace that ONLY God can give.


Ok, and onto…. what? planting a GARDEN? Sorry, meant plaNNing a garden…..

So On Wednesday, I got the Baker Creek seed catalog…

…and I am now, in December, REALLY EXCITED TO START PLANNING A GARDEN!! (Ok, it didn’t help that on the same day, I listened to a friend’s speech that she needed to give for school that was on why you should grow your own vegetables…. :D)

Let’s say I’ve already got “a few” pages marked….


And you are going, “What is the point, Claire?” The point is that I am REALLY going to do a garden this year, and I am excited to tell you about it, and I had to tell you I’m already pumped for it…. in December. 😉


Thanks, girls!!!!

I hope you are having a great, UN-STRESSFUL start to the Christmas season!

In service to the King,

Claire Rachel<3


Being thankful for Life/why I keep changing my blog

Hello, dears!

So I am going to talk about two things in this post, and I will do the second one first. 🙂

So you are probably all thinking (unless you are like me and just read blog posts by your feed), “Claire, why on earth do you keep changing your blog up to look different? Good grief, just fix it and stick with it already!”

Sorry for changing up my blog looks every few weeks; the reason I do that is because I am in the process of figuring out who I am right now, and what kind of styles I like best, and things like that. Can anyone relate? 😉

And so if I see something that I could like better a different way, I just like to change it. I think I will stick with what I have for now. My blog is a work in progress, and I really want to be real with all of you rather than waiting till my blog is PERFECT…. which will probably never happen anyway. 🙂

I want to thank you for encouraging me through your wonderful comments, and through some of you own blogs; I didn’t make this blog to show off what I’m doing, but to encourage others the way I love being encouraged: through realness and joy. Thanks for hanging in with me! 🙂

OK, onto the second thing, which is BEING THANKFUL FOR LIFE.

And I don’t mean trying to be thankful for the rest of your life, I mean realizing that the fact that you woke up this morning is an amazingly wonderful gift! God must have a purpose for you if you are still here!!

Just being alive and experiencing the beauty and love around us is a true gift from God. 

I hope we can all remember that this week!

God bless,

Claire Rachel<3


52 weeks of Thankfulness

Hello, ladies!

So I was thinking this week, so many people share what they are thankful for; because Thanksgiving is the time that we do that….

But I think thanksgiving is something that we should do ALL the time. God gives us so any gifts every day, and I think we sometimes overlook giving him thanks on a weekly, daily, basis.

So, I am going to start something that I will probably regret committing to later on, but since I am in need of being in a habit of thankfulness, I am going to start a weekly Thankfulness post… for a year… that is a long time, but I really want to do it; every week I will try to remember to post something for us to remember to be thankful for.

I am hoping that this will help you and I will at least be able to remember the greatness of God and the many, wonderful gifts he gives us.

I hope I will be able to stick with it… help keep me accountable! I get your comments by email, so don’t forget to chat with me if you get the time!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

In service to the King,

Claire Rachel<3


quick hey

Hey, girls!!

I don’t actually have anything to post, but I wanted to pop on and say that I haven’t disappeared; I have been really busy, and I haven’t had time to think about blogging. I will be posting more as soon as I get things back in order in… like my room…. and school… you know the score. 😉

I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL start to the Holiday season, and I will hopefully post soon!

In service to the King,

Claire Rachel<3

DIY Verse Box: And Easy System to Memorize Verses

Hi, ‘y’all!



AAAnyway, I am going to show you my system for memorizing Bible verses that actually works REALLY well.

But first, I must attribute this to my mom; this was her idea, and we have always used this, and I am now starting my own! {Thanks mom. <3}

Ok, so step #1: find a box. Hard, right? You can do whatever, but I recommend lined note cards, dividers, and a box to mach the size.


And you can decorate the sides, as you can see I did with washi tape.


And then, what my mom did and I now do is mark the tabs like this:

~ Daily: These are verses that you want to really learn well, and that you want to look at every day.


~ Odd Days and Even Days: The next two tabs can be numbered Odd and Even days, for verses you kind of know, but you still want to learn and keep before you to learn better.


~ Days of the week: These are verses that you know even better, but you want to keep in front of you so you don’t forget them.


So for example, today is Monday, November 6th, so I would study whatever is under the daily tab, the even day tab, and the Monday tab.


Then, looking though your box every day, working though the verses in your own personal way of memorizing, you can effectively learn several verses at a time.


I hope you try this really fun way to memorize verses! I have realized the past several years that once you age out of AWANA, it is REALLY hard to keep accountable! 😉

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!! ❤


God bless,

Claire Rachel<3



Update… kind of. ;)

Hi, girls!

So, quick update on….. nothing really. I’m hoping that this will be my last post without a post cover (AKA a picture with the actual post title ON the picture). I hope to get some software (ok, fine, and app…. 😉 that will allow me to do that so I can stop stealing picture off of Pinterest. ;P

Ok, actually this picture is one I took last spring, but most of mine are from Pinterest. 🙂

I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that… just because you feel like you are in a spiritual dry spell, doesn’t mean you aren’t a Christian, and can’t fully worship God.

I have neglected to read my Bible lately. Like, AT ALL. I can really feel the effects when I don’t engage in Gods word every day, or at least most days. But there is always a chance to do better, right? That is what tomorrows are for! (Not meaning I won’t read my Bible today though…. You get my point. 🙂

I hope you all are having a wonderful reformation weekend!! 500th anniversary, you know!

God bless!

Claire Rachel<3


Search me O God…

She sat and watched the distant traffic on the highway next to her family’s farm.

“God, show me what I’m supposed to be, and what I’m supposed to do…. I know that you have a plan for me. I know you’re there, and that you know my future, and that you care. Show me who I am supposed to be and how to be that person. Search me O God and know my heart, try me and know my thoughts; and see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way… lead me in the way… lead me in the way everlasting. “

A quiet spot...