Hi!!! My name is Claire Rachel (HOW’D You GUESS???? 🙂  ), and I am so glad you dropped by!

So I am basically trying to create my own style which is a little in between country and vintage, but not quite what most people would think of being in that category; I have wondered if there was anyone out there like me who is kind of in between, and so my blog is basically tutorials and things of projects that I am doing to try and find my personal style. I hope to inspire other people to be able to create their own personal style, or find out this one (whatever it is called) with me!

I will try and cover things like sewing, gardening, fashion, decorating, crafts, baking, writing and more, and I hope that I help and inspire you as other blogs inspire me! And, even if our styles may not be quite the same, I think that girls with many different styles can find cute, fun, and worthwhile things in common.

I am a christian girl who is homeschooled, and I value femininity, modesty, and desire to know God better.

My hope is to give you short, inspiring blog posts to read; if you are like me, you are #1, ADD and skim long posts, and #2 are busy and don’t have time to read long posts. But I do love being inspired by other girls like me, to do things that bring me God centered joy. I hope that I can do the same for you!!!!

Well, I hope that you enjoy my blog, and please, DON’T forget to comment!! I love hearing form you!!!

God bless,

Claire Rachel<3