Thankfulness for opportunities to serve

Hi, Peeps! So I really am wanting to do the 52 weeks of thankfulness I promised to do at Thanksgiving, so I am going to try and continue to do a weekly thankfulness post, and I will try and do extras to make up for the ones I missed… :/


Have we ever stopped to thank God for the opportunities we have to further his kingdom? And furthering his kingdom doesn’t have to mean sharing the gospel with people; it could even be blessing a believer with your time and service.

But… have we ever thought about being THANKFUL for those opportunities? 

I think that this is a wonderful blessing from the Lord. Not only does he give us a purpose as his children, but He gives us things to do!

I think it’s interesting that before the fall, there was still work. Adam had to take care of the garden and animals, and Eve was created to be his assistant. It wasn’t until after the fall that work became hard and in some cases uncomfortable.

Working and serving God and his kingdom is a good thing… I think we can all agree on that. So why not thank him for giving us things to do with our lives, and the fulfillment we achieve from doing the tasks at hand?


God bless!

Claire Rachel<3


2 thoughts on “Thankfulness for opportunities to serve

  1. Olivia Bell

    This was written for me today, just this morning I was terribly grumpy about having to clean up the kitchen when I really should be thanking the Lord for the opportunity to serve my family! Thanks for the reminder! 😀



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