When you aren’t ready to move on…

Ok, raise your hand if you are in total shock that it is 2018?

*raises both hands and shakes them around*

I keep telling myself that “I’m not ready for 2018! I wasn’t the amazing person I thought I would be by now! Time is flying and I CAN’T DO A THIIIIING ABOUT IT!!!!!!”

WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO? I have a hard time with this. I’m not ready for time to be moving faster than I can think; I was going to be amazing and mature! And yet, here I am, spending MORE time saying this….

So today I thought I would just share a few things that help me with… anxiety, really for when I am not ready for time to fly by.

“Live like it’s your last day” isn’t always helpful.

Ok, I don’t know about ‘y’all, but I am a SUCKER for Pinterest quotes. Can anyone relate? 😉

But honestly, that phrase stresses. me. out. What if this IS my last day? I waste time worrying about making the best that I don’t have time to actually make the best of my time!

Living life in the moment to the fullest is really the only way to enjoy life, and live with a clear conscience.


Trust God.

God knows your heart, and God is with us. If we live every single moment focused on Him and doing the things we do for Him, we won’t waste our time.

God is our only reason for living right. He is what gives us hope for tomorrow, whether that be your birthday, the end of the year, or the end of the century; if God is with us, we shall not fall.


And so with those thoughts, I bid all you beautiful sisters in Christ a very happy, brand new, fresh, real, year of 2018. ❤

In service to the King,

Claire Rachel<3





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