Thankful for Peace/planning my garden…already.

Hello, girls!!

I am going to try and make this post as short as possible with getting out all I need to say; I guess we’ll see how I do! 😉



This week, I was reminded about the undying, satisfying peace of God. It is really neat the way sometimes, in certain situations, or really all the time if we allow it into our hearts, the way His peace flows through us and gives us joy.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be around a bunch of believers, singing around a campfire. Boring, right? Except we weren’t there to roast marshmallows, we were there to worship God, and it is by far my favorite event of the year (remind me sometime to take the time to explain this event…), because it always gives me such wondrous peace… a peace that ONLY God can give.


Ok, and onto…. what? planting a GARDEN? Sorry, meant plaNNing a garden…..

So On Wednesday, I got the Baker Creek seed catalog…

…and I am now, in December, REALLY EXCITED TO START PLANNING A GARDEN!! (Ok, it didn’t help that on the same day, I listened to a friend’s speech that she needed to give for school that was on why you should grow your own vegetables…. :D)

Let’s say I’ve already got “a few” pages marked….


And you are going, “What is the point, Claire?” The point is that I am REALLY going to do a garden this year, and I am excited to tell you about it, and I had to tell you I’m already pumped for it…. in December. 😉


Thanks, girls!!!!

I hope you are having a great, UN-STRESSFUL start to the Christmas season!

In service to the King,

Claire Rachel<3


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