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Welcome, Ladies, for day 2 of the blog party!!!

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Today there is a new giveaway on Victoria’s blog, (, and so I highly recommend that you head over there!! There is some really neat stuff again today that has to do with writing and books!!!

Bookerly Giveaway




3 books and 2 types of books that writers (well, and actually anyone) should read:


{Redwall; by Brian Jacques

So, there are around 20 books in this series, and, because I felt there were other books I should read, I just read the first one of the series which, SURPRISE! is called Redwall.

Redwall presents age-old and uncommon writing skills that makes you feel like you are living out the story, that the characters are real (even though they are animals), and that you just couldn’t stop reading. I Highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially new writers, as it shows many great writing techniques.


{Spilling ink: a young writer’s handbook; by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter

Spilling ink is a great reality guide to young writers like myself, and really shows that, in reality, you can write. They talk though the process and challenges of everything from character development to finding your writing habitat. This is a worthwhile book for anyone, even if you just need to write school papers! 🙂


{Do Hard Things: by Alex and Brett Harris

Do hard things is a great book that anyone with any sort of a life goal should read. It is encouraging, uplifting, and it shows teenagers that goals can be met, and hard things can be and should be done.


And then the two types of books…

~ A book recently self-published book by someone close to your age.

So, for writers this gives us the encouragement of “Oh, hey, this actually CAN be done.” It is very encouraging, and you can also find a community of writers when you start getting books and following their blogs and so on.

And even if you aren’t a writer, buying self-published books is a GREAT way to support those who don’t have a publishing company who is selling for them.

Oh, and Victoria’s giveaway includes many self published books, so make sure to sign up!!! (


~ Thesauruses.

Even if you aren’t a writer, looking up a boring word in the thesaurus and finding a more unique and sophisticated word is a lot of fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have the vocabulary of Eugene Melsner? 😉

And finding fancy words makes you writing worth so much more, especially if you are writing historical fiction. They had much better speech in the old days. 😀


I hope all these book ideas are helpful; I know they have helped me!!!

Have great day, and don’t forget to visit Victoria’s blog!!!!

In Christ,

Claire Rachel<3


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Blog party /giveaway : F a s h i o n

Hey girls!!!

So, I am very excited today, because I am participating in Victoria’s ( Blog party!!!!

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So, there, on Victoria’s blog, is a giveaway ( for some really awesome stuff!

Fashion Giveaway

I have been following Victoria’s blog for the last several months, and she always is so inspiring and encouraging in her writing, styles, and words. I highly recommend her blog for any girl who is looking for godly inspiration!


Five tips to help you be cute and modest this summer

So, let’s face it; when the world is telling us that you have to be seductive and show lots of skin if you want to be modern, and cute, it is REALLY hard to try and follow, either what your convictions are, or what your parents are asking you to do, and to not look… well, conspicuous.

And it is even harder when literally, every family has a different modesty standard.

So here are some tips for keeping nice-looking and modest, even when you prefer to  cover ankle and elbow.


Necklaces, or actually any kind of jewelry, can really spruce up an outfit. And don’t just go with whatever. If it’s your thing, find some nice, bigger necklaces, even more modern if you like that, and it can really make outfits look pretty.

Just beware of the different lengths and styles that go only with certain types of necklines. For instance, if you are only wearing shirts without v-necks or anything (like shirts that cover your collarbone), a choker doesn’t really look good with that.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend long, single large charm necklaces with v-necks. It just doesn’t work very well.

Don’t neglect your hair.

Doing a nice pretty style in your hair makes your appearance look so much better, because it looks like you went to the effort to care.

Pinterest and online ideas comes in VERY handy, because there just aren’t that many books on the subject, and they can also be limited.

Find modern patterned or styled things.

Ok, no, not maybe peace signs, but things like floral patterned shirts with a solid skirt.

Or maybe wearing Converse (ok, I am very stingy and have never owned name brand pair of shoes in my LIFE. But there are lots of off brands that are just as cute for like 1/4 of the price. ) or another type of cute flat.

Or even adding cute accessories like sunglasses or a cute phone case (if you have a smart phone that is… I am a proud participator of the legacy of flip phones!!! :D).

Look online.

Seriously, there are more online stores than I thought that sell modest clothes!!!

So here is the link to a whole bunch of modest sights; it is highly encouraging!!!


For real, you would not believe how much a person’s posture effects how they look. Standing up straight, looking people in the eye, and walking confidently will improve your over all appearance.


We as girls are in a tough position; everyone seems to have a different opinion on what modesty is; so… what is it?

In trying to be fashionable, modesty of the heart is the most important thing, and honoring what our parents ask is the second. But I really truly believe that we can look cute, and modest, at the same time, no matter what our standards are.

God created us girls to love beauty. So let us give this love and our passions back to him. ❤


May God bless you, And don’t forget to go over to Victoria’s blog and enter the giveaway!!!!!!

Love in Christ,

Claire Rachel<3

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Ok, so you might as well know a fun fact about me: I. Love. Mint Chocolate.

I don’t know why, but I REALLY have always loved mint chocolate. My favorite candy are junior mints, and so, for my birthday this year, I made myself* a mint chocolate birthday cake!!!

*Ok, so you may be thinking, “Why is she making her own cake? Isn’t that something that your mom or someone does for you?” And yes, it is, but the fact is that I LOVE baking, and so it is more fun for me to make it. 🙂




Anyway, I thought I would share the amazing recipe for mint frosting I found!!

Ok, real quick, the cake I made was just the one off the box of Hersheys cocoa (Hersheys perfect chocolate cake), the frosting recipe I am about to give, and then a chocolate glaze that is 1 bag of chocolate chips and 1 cup of heavy cream: heat the cream almost to boiling point in the microwave, and then let the chocolate chips melt in the hot cream. Wisk together and pour over the cake!! (This works really well with bunt cakes.) Oh yeah, I added some spear mint buds and leaves from the garden.



In a large bowl, cream 1 1/3 cups sugar with 1/2 cup butter or margarine, and salt. Blend extract, 2 tablespoons milk, and remaining sugar into mixture. Gradually stir remaining milk into frosting until desired spreading consistency is reached, and frost the cake.
OK, so, just a tip, I found that (not this is if you have a cake plate; I got the pioneer woman large one for Christmas… very cute; I highly recommend…) if you cover the edges with pieces of cling wrap…
…and then frost the cake, you won’t get frosting all over the plate that you have to wipe off and knick the cake in the process. 
Anyway, I hope you try this recipe; it is really good!!! 🙂
God bless!!
Claire Rachel<3




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People Joy

Good morning, ladies!!

So, this is a poem I wrote a while back, and I don’t know; for me as an extrovert, it kind of says it, if you know what I mean. 🙂


People Joy

Today I felt a joy so great,

So great to tell in part, 

In words they rhythm and ring to ear

From deep within one’s heart.

People joy is what I felt;

A joy that spread around,

From word to heart from eyes to smile

To Christ it kept one bound.

Optimism flows though all

And gives a peace at mind.

To smile and say, “We’ll make it right.”

Makes peace a think to bind.

Around one’s heart to hold and say

And pass around the joy

For in our joy comes praise to God,

So let our hearts employ 

Unlike riches not to have

More precious is a smile.

Rich fade and yet laugh will

Last for quite a while.

The joy I find in laughing much

From jokes that someone told 

Will not go away from me

Instead the joy I’ll hold

So remember, heart, to share this joy

To smile and laugh and talk

At least in my own heart I find

To God a closer walk.

So don’t forget dear heart of mine

That nothing’s so worth your while

To laugh in joy and take it in;

Receive and be a smile.



God bless to you and your’s,

Claire Rachel<3


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Who are you being for the littles?

Greetings gals!!

this is just a little note to say that even when you aren’t feeling like doing the right thing, or being a nice person, or anything like that, just remember, there are people watching you; especially little girls.

Don’t you remember the awesome ‘big girl’ that you admired so? We all had one of those; or what about that big girl who you looked up to, but they weren’t really nice, or they treated you like a little kid, or they put you down?

Just remember; there are little girls watching you that are growing up: they need encouragement, and they need YOU. They need someone to look up to; and they will, no matter who you are. They want to be like the big girls.

And guess what?

We are the big girls.

So be the person you wanted when you were little.

Whether it be having a special handshake with a kid, letting them do your hair ( talk about a sacrifice of comfort!! :D) or taking them to some event with you, be the person that you want the kids you see to be when they are your age.

God bless,

Claire Rachel<3






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The Story: My “back of the book” version of my book. :)

So, I have given you all two writing pieces that were a writing prompt, but also from my (future!) book.

And so you would probably like to know the setting better… maybe?

So here is what I call, “the Back-of-the-book” version of my story. 🙂




April 6th, 1865

THUD, THUD, THUD. She froze. All the feelings of fear and panic swept over her as the memory came back full and clear. Except it wasn’t a memory; it was happening again. 

“Yes?” she said through the door.

          A muffled answer was the reply.


          Another muffled answer.


          But after a few more attempts to talk through the door, she decided to open the door just a crack…

          But a man shoved his way in. He was the same man from a few nights ago.

          “Yes? What is it? Why do you bother me again?”

          “Would you mind stepping outside for a moment? I… need to show you something.” was his lame reply.

          “Umm, no, I really would rather you just leave.”

          “Ok, then we will come to you.”

         Another man stepped though the doorway. She was about to protest, but suddenly, a black blanket was thrown over her head, and she was seized before she could think. Her screams were met by no ear as they covered her mouth, and she was shoved her onto a horse she couldn’t see, and stollen off into the night.

Anna Grace is left without much a future with her beau killed in combat, and with the future looking blacker each day for the confederacy. She is just beginning to recover into normal emotions again when she is met with a situation she never would have counted on.

Kidnapped by a union troop to care for a homeless child against the wishes of their  general, Anna Grace is tested beyond her present abilities. She has to make decisions regarding those around her, her God, and her inner self.                                                     Will she be able to serve her God to the best of her abilities, even in the midst of a bad situation? Can she still keep her full trust in God, the one who let her come? And will she be able to overcome the intense bitterness she has let grow in her heart for the ones she hates the most?



Hope you like it!! Let me know what you think!

Claire Rachel<3

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Book Review: Love Comes Softly


old books wrapped in vintage wall paper or scrapbook paper


So, these past few years, I have enjoyed many Of Janette Oke’s books, but my favorites are those in the Love Comes Softly series.

NOTE: IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, READ THE BOOKS, AND DON’T WACH THE MOVIES. The movies are really not that good compared to the books. Jut fyi.


Image result for google images love comes softly janette oke

The Love Comes Softly series starts with the life of a young widow and her encounters with hard decisions, emotions, and pioneer life. The series goes on from her own story to that of her children’s, and shows the readers the values of faith, leaving a legacy, and love.

Genre: Light romance (but not too weird)

Things I like: Janette Oke does a wonderful job of portraying the emotions of everyone in the story, and has plenty of plot twist. Her books have given me a lot to think about as I read about her characters growing up as I grow up. The romance is wholesome and complimented, but not overdone. I think it portrays a purity of romance that is uncommon in contemporary romance, and it is done beautifully in these books. I highly recommend them!

Things I don’t care for: I can’t really think of any… 😀


Have a great day!!!

God bless!

Claire rachel<3

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